Bowen therapy

The Bowen therapy is a gentle, noninvasive and holistic method that restores the balance within the body and stimulates it to heal. The human body is a perfect system that can regulate and regenerate itself, but stress and daily worries interfere with these processes. When a person is active, the sympatheticus of the involuntary nervous system works. It is responsible for us to be quick, to think and to act. Normally after an active sympatheticus it is right that the body switches to parasympathetics – it is responsible for the operation of the internal organs to rest, sleep and to restore forces. When we do not give the necessary rest to our body this affects over time in the form of diseases / disorders. Everyone experienced to have a lot of work and to be in a rush for a long time when the stress is reduced you fall ill. This is a protective reaction of the body – when you do not give adequate rest, the body forces us to do it. So vacation is a vital part of everyday life.

Bowen method helps the body to “switch” to relaxation mode and healing can be activated. The purpose of Bowen therapy is to achieve a state of balance and harmony. It is necessary to enter a level of deep relaxation so the body can quickly and easily disseminate and process information transmitted through gentle movements that the therapist performs.

Bowen Technique is a manual therapy, but is very different from all other known ones. The interesting thing about this technique is that the body is the healer himself. The therapist just “sets commands” and the body of the client heals itself. To make the process efficient and effective it is very important that the person relaxes and allows his body to do what is necessary. A confidence in the process and the therapist is needed. So if you decide to try this method, find your therapist. You can let your intuition take you to him or you can just follow a recommendation from someone.