About me

My acquaintance with Bowen Technique was one of the most random and fateful events in my life. Few years ago, during a seminar I mentioned that I want to change my job and to start healing with my hands. The same day, during this same seminar, I heard a talk about the Bowen Technique. I had never heard of it before. I knew nothing about it. But it attracted me. Like a magnet! I did not know why. I signed up for the first module four months after the seminar. Since then we are inseparable. My new job is called pleasure, satisfaction and importance.

The courses I took were held by the Australian Academy. They are held in Bulgaria for six years and once accomplishing the seven modules, a certificate is given. If you want to learn the Bowen Technique here is the official Bowen Association website : http://bowen.bg/

Over the past two years, every day I discover the pleasure to help people with this manual therapy. My life has radically changed. Before that I worked in a bank eight years. I graduated majoring in Applied Mathematics and Master – Mathematical modeling in economics. But that did not stop me to start my life from scratch. 33 years old, with two children and a bunch of dreams I became a Bowen therapist.

But I did not stop there. I am currently a student majoring in Rehabilitation. I constantly gather new knowledge, skills and experience. I am also graduated in some additional courses – massages, family constellations, energy healing, EFT, several seminars for personal development. Learning in my life will never end as this is my destiny. I hope to help more people feel healthy and happy and their dreams to come true like mines.

And that’s not all! In my spare time (it sounds absurd to have such :)) I craft handmade items – postcards, albums, cotton dolls. I discovered this creative side during the motherhood. Creations of beauty gives me the freedom to express the pictures in my head and to get away for a bit of daily life and create something that I and others enjoy.

In 2016 I opened my own studio called “Therapy Bowen Center” where I practice the Bowen Technique. It is located in Sofia at 55 “Khan Asparuh” str. My mission is to help people to be healthy, happy and to follow their destiny. Thank you for sharing my world. I hope to see you again 🙂